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The First Nine Months of Government by President Donald Trump.
By Dr. Christian Heinze - 31.10.2017 - for a Fahne de German version klick here.

The passage of the first months of office of US President Donald Trump suggests to consider: The high evaluation enjoyed by Demokratie democracy is based on the assumption that majorities are most likely to identify what serves their interest best, and that this interest comprises the common good. (The assumption implies that the interest of the individual can only prevail insofar as it is compatible with that of the majority.) Therefore, elections should be won by the personality promising best to serve the interests of the majority. The criteria of this quality derive from his tasks and his means for political effectiveness. The range of political effectiveness of a President of the United States are is complex and defined and limited through the American Constitution. His government is restricted by this framework and requires a certain degree of accordance with parliament and political parties and the judiciary. Therefore, a prognosis of the qualities required for the presidential office is necessarily uncertain. The qualities are indicated by the character and obvious personal properties, the origin, the education, the previous achievements and the presentation of the candidate offered by himself (vide Speeches by President Trump) or by third parties.

To which extent the effectiveness of government of the elected meets the expectations is eventually established through its results. Even in so far as they prove insufficient, democracy unfolds a secondary political gain: it offers an opportunity of the electors to engage in a process of learning. They are enabled to find out which properties, achievements or descriptions they have failed to evaluate correctly and to correct their mistake by using their current influence and forming their vote in the next election. The opportunity for better voting is offered every 4 years and about 12 or 15 times within an active lifetime of 50 to 60 years.

Up to today effectiveness of President Donald Trump can hardly be established or evaluated against his tasks. This applies in particular to his engagement against the North Korean threat, in the solution of Near East problems, in migration or environment politics or in health care. It is because of this, however, that one might rather expect the effectiveness of his government to stay behind his self-presentation.

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