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by Dr. Christian Heinze (Contact)
This page was first published in 2006 and has been supplemented occasionally since then.

The English Version of PRO RE PUBLICA is in the course of development. Up until 2020 all English contributions were contained in next to their German version. The author has now decided to create a purely English version by moving to it the English articles which were previously contained in the overwhelmingly German Version. They are, and will be, as a rule, translations of German versions by their author. However, for the time being, the English version will be accesible via by clicking on the reference on the first page of or by clicking on the reference offered in the German version of an article.

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In 2020 the British people acclaim PM Johnson's strong stance. The balance, however, of the positive and the negative results of Brexit and Brexit policy for British welfare, is still open. Should it develop significantly negative from 2021 onwards, everything shall depend on whether the British people, as they have done before, tighten the belt and work harder or turn their back on Johnson.

For England (as it does for so many other countries) long term development depends on success in stabilizing the currency and the market economy including the health sector and in restoring education and in establishing a viable Social. Labor and Migration policy as well as in securing its inner and outward security. A havy burden remains the problem of Northern Irleand and the Scottish separatism.

Europe and England share a vital interest in uniting on the right agreed conditions.

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